Who could benefit from working with me

Athletes who want to improve performance.
Athletes experiencing problems with mental focus, motivation, injury, goal-setting, anxiety or poor performance under pressure.
Athletes experiencing problems with mental focus, motivation, injury, goal-setting, anxiety or poor performance under pressure.
A coach wanting to improve team dynamics, work on team issues or improve coaching skills.

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We have worked with:

State High School Champions
NCAA All Americans
NFL Players
MLB Players
NBA Players
Sport Psychology
PGA Tour Players
NASCAR Drivers
NCAA Players
Sport Psychology
National Champions
Sport Psychology
And many others
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Athletes Encountering:

Worry/Anxiety about Performance
Mental Mistakes
Inconsistent Performance
Boredom with Practice

Attention and Concentration Difficulty
Attention and Concentration Difficulty
Injury and Rehabilitation
Low Self-Confidence

Coping with Personal Problems
Eating Disorders
Balancing Student/Athlete Lifestyle

Sport Psychology Partners

Dr. Monteleone is the Sport Psychologist for  Per4mance Training , a comprehensive training facility for endurance athletes specializing in working with cyclists and triathletes.  For more information about Per4mance Training services, please visit their website.

Frequent ask question

What is Sport Psychology?
Sport Psychology is the application of psychological principles and techniques to assist athletes, coaches, and teams in developing cognitive and physical skills enhancing athletic performance in competitive situations. Sport psychologists teach athletes performance enhancing skills, mental training techniques, how to overcome psychological and performance difficulties, and assist with personal growth and development. In this way, sport psychologists help athletes increase their ability of achieving peak performances. For athletes experiencing performance difficulties, sport psychology interventions, with assistance from the coach, can help improve athletic performance and resolve difficulties to get the athlete back to peak performance. Sport psychology techniques can be used with individuals or small groups.
What is a Sport Profile?
The Sport Profile is designed to measure attributes and abilities that relate to successful performance as an athlete. The athlete completes several assessments that identify personality traits and psychological characteristics. The results are compiled into a brief report that discusses the results specific to athletic competition and the sport(s) played. Strengths and areas of improvement are identified for the athlete, along with specific suggestions to help improve mental and athletic performance. Dr. Monteleone and the athlete review the results together to answer questions and to collaboratively develop a plan to achieve your athletic performance goals. A Sport Profile can be completed for most adolescent and adult athletes. Athletes out of town will be provided feedback via phone consultation.
Dr. Monteleone completed a year of Sport Psychology training during his Internship with Dr. John Heil, the Sport Psychologist to the US Olympic Women's Fencing Team.